The Library is looking for donations of children’s magazines. With budgets being what they are, we are not able to purchase new issues of children’s magazines for our "browsers" to enjoy during their library time. If you have any gently used magazines that are elementary appropriate (ie: Highlights, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr. or Nickelodeon, National Geographic for Kids, American Girls, etc.), please consider donating them to the library. Your generosity, as always, is greatly appreciated.



What are they?
Our students have so many successes and joyful events in their lives: birthdays, anniversaries of noteworthy events, our team winning its first game of the season, music recitals, getting our first “A” on a report card, achieving a milestone in church or scouts, becoming citizen of the month, etc. Sometimes we want to celebrate someone else: a special teacher or coach, the homecoming from service or graduation of a family member, remembering a favorite pet, and so on.

How do I participate?

Think of something you have to celebrate! Choose a hard cover book from the bookstore or pick one from the recommended books linked to the Celebrations Stories page. Bring it to one of your Librarians and be sure to let her know with what class your child attends, your child’s full name, and the person or event you are celebrating. Your Celebration story will be wrapped and presented to your student as quickly as possible, usually within a week.

Donate a Book

Donate a Booktitle

If you are interested in making a donation to the library in honor of a special event, such as your child’s birthday, we would love it!  We ask that it be a hard back book that is age appropriate for elementary school.  We will process the book and place a nameplate on the front cover with your child’s name and special event listed.  We will present the book to your child during their library time, place their name on our donation wall and thank them in the monthly newsletter.