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>>  Feb 13th - 17th  <<
At a glance.....
Weekly Schedule
Minimum Day
Early Dismissal
(K-12:10 & 1st-6th 12:20)
 Grade Prep
> Early Engineers
  (1:30pm) Room 19
> Girls On The Run (MPR) 
   (1:30pm - 2:30pm)
> Running Club
(2:30 - 3:30pm) MPR
> Yoga Class
(6 - 7pm) Library
> ESL Class
(6 - 7:30pm) Cobblestone
> VAPA (Yamasaki & Salata)
> Six Flags Reading Logs Due
> 3rd Grade Play (for Students)
  (starts at 8:30am)
> Ukulele Club
(3:30pm) Room L/R2
> 3rd Grade Play (For Parents)
  (MRP @ 6pm)
> Tech Leadership Team
> Robotics Club
(3:30 - 4:40pm) Room 25
> ESL Class
(6 - 7:30pm) Cobblestone
> VAPA (Van Der Kamp / Garza)
No School Next Week
 (Presidents Week)
 Feb 20th - Feb 24th
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Student Supply List

** The new schedule for the week is updated: (Wed, Feb 15th - 3rd Grade Play for Parents @ 6pm in the Multipurpose Room ** (February 20th - February 24th) - No School for Presidents Week**

Welcome to Ruhkala Elementary!

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            February 2017 Ruhkala News and Updates

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Ruhkala's New Mascot Nomination Form  
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 Site Accountability Report Card (SARC) 2016-2017
is now available on our School Information page.

Inspired to Learn. Committed to Lead.

At Ruhkala Elementary, with our vision and our mission, we focus on children. 

Our Vision - We are committed to the following: 

•  challenging each student to achieve academic success.

•  immersing students in innovative education.

•  valuing school, home, and community partnerships.

•  nurturing the unique learning styles of all students.

•  creating opportunities that celebrate leadership.

Our Mission - Inspired to Learn. Committed to Lead.

Our Motto - Growing the Young Leaders of Tomorrow.

Welcome to Ruhkala Elementary School!

                                   Welcome Letter (click below)

Ruhkala Elementary is a Leader In Me School

Ruhkala Elementary is a Leader in Me school.  Our students are working hard at becoming young leaders in their school, community and their homes.  We are in year two of implementation. This year's focus will be learning and achievement accountability, and living the 7 Habits at both home and school. Stay tuned for more information!!
Please check out our Leadership Sponsor Info Page.

Habit 1 - Be Proactive
Habit 2 - Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 3 - Put First Things First
Habit 4 - Think Win-Win
Habit 5 - Seek to Understand, Then to be Understood
Habit 6 - Synergize
Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw 

    Seven Habits question of the week

    Which of the seven habits are you planning to focus on and implement into your daily routine for the upcoming school year?

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    First bell rings at 7:45 
    Start bell rings at 7:50
    Early Monday release bell rings at 1:20 PM

    (Kindergarten released at 1:10 PM)

    All other regular days bell rings at 2:20 PM

    (Kindergarten released at 2:10 PM)

    »Minimum days bell rings at 12:20 PM

    »Kindergarten released at 12:10

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